Book Corner – Prayers for a Woman’s Soul

Julie Gillies, author of Prayers for a Woman’s Soul says, “Praying for ourselves is not selfish-it is absolutely necessary.”

I love this book! This has been my go-to since the beginning of the year. I’ve already purchased several copies for friends and they love it. This is by far my favorite devotional on prayer.  This is the type of book that will become a favorite. You’ll want to keep it close by for daily refreshing.

Captivated By His Words


I love this photo. At first glance, I imagine a beautiful day in the park. Familiar sounds of activity are all around. People jogging, dogs barking and children are playing games nearby. I spot a bench, take a seat and exhale slowly as I enjoy the sound of the wind dancing playfully through the trees. Life is in the air and I take note of the wonderful day that God has made.

I open my bible and begin reading. His voice lifts from the pages and draws me in close. Suddenly, the sounds in the park begin to fade and it’s as if we’re there all alone.

It’s there that he tells me how much he loves me. He opens his heart and speaks of the plans he has for me…plans for good, not evil. He encourages me to be strong and courageous, and promises to never abandon or reject me. My heart soaks in every word as it quenches my thirsty my soul.

As I pause, delighting in his voice, he speaks again…Blessed is she who believes that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.

Captivated by his words, I sit a while longer enjoying his presence and the wonderful day he has made.

The stuff of life can interfere with our desire to spend time alone with the lover of our soul.  I pray that today you will be blessed and encouraged as you hear his voice from the pages of his word.

Grace & Peace